If you would like to be a part of any of these teams or perhaps would like to serve in another capacity, please call Pastor John at 561-301-5342 or email him at pj@calvarydelray.org.

Prayer Ministry

Prayer is the “believer’s communication with God”. We believe that prayer is not only a privilege, but it is a vital part of any Bible believing church. God’s Word commands us to “pray ceaselessly”, and thus we are committed to approaching the throne of God boldly both with our praises and our petitions. Currently several of us meet before the service at 8:30am Sunday mornings to lift up the church, the Delray community, and the needs of our congregation.

Service Set Up/Clean Up

Since we meet in the school cafeteria, we can always use help setting up in the morning, whether it be to start the coffee, hang the curtains, help the worship team, or set up the children’s ministry. We also need help cleaning up so that the Plumosa Elementary School cafeteria is ready for business on Monday morning.


Since the church started our desire was to create a safe, warm, welcoming place to meet with God and His people. We are looking for warm and loving brothers and sisters that God will use to help make this happen. Yours is the first face people will see as they enter our church in the morning! Whether it be standing outside by the fence to usher our church family and visitors as they drive into the parking lot, or being a warm, welcoming presence to those coming in the door, your mission, should you choose to accept, is help people to our resources table, our hospitality table, to direct them to our children’s ministry, and to help introduce them to our church family.

Resource Table

Before and after the service we are looking for people to sit at our resource table to help give people information about our church, opportunities, or helpful books and videos they can check out.

Worship Ministry

Do you have a gift to play an instrument or to sing? We are currently praying for singers and musicians to help lead worship on Sunday mornings. Our worship consists mostly of the Christian contemporary genre (including songs by Michael W. Smith, Chris Tomlin, etc), but we also love to sing hymns. If you are gifted in this area and would like to serve please let us know.