"Store your treasures in heaven, where moths and rust cannot destroy, and thieves do not break in and steal. Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be."

Matthew 6:20-21

When disaster strikes, we tend to think more about the things that truly matter.

Why don't we do that all the time?

Because most of the time it's easy to get caught up in trying to get ahead in life. It seems as if nothing satisfies and there's not enough time in a day. But when everything you own is gone and it's you and the shirt on your back, the focus changes. The only other time where you're left with nothing but yourself is death.

What's freeing about having nothing is you're not tied down by the obligations that come with owning alot of stuff, so there's more time to devote to relationships.

I can't figure out what would keep people here in Florida other than the fact that it's relatively the same temperature throughout the year no matter what.I came to live down here because it was a nice place for my grandparents considering my grandfather had cancer at the time. We have always taken rest in the perfect peace that only God can give no matter what disaster struck our family. (Isaiah 26:3)

Everywhere you look, there is construction left and right. Obviously where the demand for living increases, the demand for insurance increases. After all, you need to be secure if you're taking the risk to live somewhere where anything could happen at any time to threaten our lifestyle. So the focus is centered towards working to keep and maintain our things. 

I went to Missouri not too long ago and visited the rural part of the state. The cost of living was manageable enough where you could actually live off of what you make at the local grocery store. It was mostly because it was an area not many people flock to, but to me it was a very freeing place to be! The stars shine brighter where there's less light pollution. Likewise, We shine brightest when our lives aren't centered around our possessions.  

Personally, I don't disagree with how much it costs to live in Florida. It's such a risk. The entire state could be underwater tomorrow and everything that everyone has ever worked for will be gone. 

My question now is, what have you stored up in heaven? You have plenty of things here, but you're not defined by things. You're defined by who Jesus says you are. Are you the person He can use for His will? When you die and people gather at your funeral or comment about you on social media, what will they say about you? When you die and stand before God, what will He say? Enter into my rest? Or depart from me, I never knew you?

It's not bad to love yourself. But if you get to the point where you and the things you have are more important, you're gonna be disappointed when you have to say goodbye to yourself when you die. If that's the only person you knew or ever helped out, you missed the point in life.  Loving yourself won't get you to heaven. Calling on the name of Jesus gets you to heaven. (Romans 10:13)

When a person is so upset over losing things, it means those things matter more than anything else. The people praising God the most through the storms in life are the ones who don't care about things because things don't mean ANYthing. Our society wears their possessions like a medal of honor around their neck. What will you have to show for it when you stand before God? If the things you held close to you were all stored on earth, you have nothing. 

When I talk about storing treasures in heaven, I mean things that will last. Relationships. When you take away all the material things in life, you're left with relationships. So what's more important? What should take priority in your life? 

If it's things, you're gonna regret living for things when you're breathing your last. You're gonna think of all the times you could have spent with the ones you cared about the most. You're not gonna care about the car, the house, the money, the places you didn't visit or check off your bucket list, or even what you didn't do for all of that stuff. It all becomes meaningless. 

God tells us in scripture to store up what matters or what should matter to us most in life. The best way to do that is to focus on God. If you haven't been in contact with Him, seek Him out. (Jeremiah 29:13) Its important to know that God wants relationship with you and you are His treasure. But if you did not know Him while you were on earth, then how will He let you come in His house? He never knew you. 

What does it benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? (Mark 8:36) Not only that, He desires that none should perish. So if you know the truth, let it set you free and let it set others free as well. 

Most only seek God when they're in trouble. Why don't you seek Him before you reach that point? Most people say they wanna hear from God, but they do it while doubting.  Are you gonna wait until disaster strikes, or are you gonna try a different approach this time?  

Do it now while you are still here. You are not promised tomorrow.