"We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps." Proverbs 16:9


The biggest mistake a man can make is to think he is called to BE a God and to take control in every endeavor he tries, instead of realizing he is called BY God to reflect GOD'S  control in every endeavor HE wants us to DO for HIM, in HIS name, for HIS PURPOSE. 

The reason you breathe is not by your doing. The reason you breathe is because you are made to be able to by none other than God Himself.

Breathing is something we do without thinking.

When I was born, I could not breathe on my own. A machine did that for me. I was dependent on the working of that machine.

More importantly, it worked because someone came up with the concept to build a machine to help people to breathe when they cannot on their own. It was administered to me correctly by nurses who were there solely to help where the need was. I was dependent on someone else entirely. Make no mistake, They would not be there if God had not breathed life into them.

The next time you think you're an independent person who ain't need no God, realize that everything you do, you do because you had to first be taught. Everything you do, you're dependent on someone else. Being dependent on Jesus means you do what He has taught and you're dependent on Him, because He set the example of how to live.