You're being too loud!

"What do you mean?"

 "Well... exactly what I said. You're being too loud!"

 ... I said it pretty soft, I think... I think it was pretty important too...


Well, it doesn't matter how soft you say something... if it's words without love, they have no meaning. It doesn't matter how important you think your words are. If you have no love in you, it doesn't matter. You could be telling your child, or children, that it's wrong to do something. If you're screaming at them, they take it like you're the equivalent of the boogeyman. But in love, things can be accomplished too, can't they?


 "But... you don't know my family."

You're right. I don't... but I know mine.


You could be playing worship behind a drumset and crashing cymbals with your hearts desire. Without love, your words would only be as productive as the cymbals on the set your playing on! It's funny how people can walk into a church and complain about how the worship was like a rock concert, yet another can walk into a church and complain it was a rock concert simply because the church was in contention with one another. They were, in essence, the rock concert! Like a kid in a drumming convention. Going around hitting every cymbal he sees. Now, that's an interesting thought, isn't it?

1 Corinthians 13, if you're not familiar with it, is the love chapter. The book of 1 Corinthians is introduced by the Apostle Paul, and he's talking to those who are sanctified in Jesus who are called to be saints, as well as people everywhere who call on the name of Jesus.


"To the church of God which is at Corinth, to those who are sanctified in Christ Jesus, called to  be saints, with all who in every place call on the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, both theirs and ours."

1 Corinthians 1:2


Now, usually you can tell by Paul's introduction of the book if he's going to be encouraging... or if he's going to tear the veil of their thinking. (What I call ripping them a new one). He's addressing the saints, and everyone else who calls on the name of Jesus. In the first chapter, there is division over petty things, as simple as who people are following.

Person 1: "I'm following Jesus!"

Person 2: "Well I'm following peter!"

Paul reminds them to simply be about The Lord, and not only be about the lord, but to speak simply about the lord, and not just be about elaborate speech. The fact is, the church in Corinth isn't ready to go forth because they're quarreling amongst themselves. They're even struggling with things "pagans don't do"... yeah, That's bad. Paul explains the different things the church needs to be doing, and explains how it needs to work as one, though with many people making different parts, each contributing their own spiritual gifts. Now we get to chapter 13, and he talks about love, love, love. This is what happens without Love, this is what love looks like, this is what you are called to be about. Love!

Paul tackled the main problems first. Then brought it to love. Because, to a group of people who are struggling with issues that need to be addressed, you can't start out the address of your letter by saying " "love is patient, love is kind." Blah. You address the main problems first, working your way to remind everyone that this is what you are called to be about. Love.


It's love that covers a multitude of sins      (1 Peter 4:8), But they weren't focused on that. So Paul goes after the main problems and puts it in contrast with how these issues will be effectively resolved. So, here and now, anyone ever get caught up in the "this is right thinking" and "that's obviously wrong" type of talk? (Obviously rhetorical). Anyone ever go to see what the bible has to say about it all? Back in the second chapter, Paul tells this same church this is what it's all about.

1. Christ

2. Him Crucified (1 Corinthians 2:2) 

But we get caught up in how we talk, what we talk about, and who we talk about. What style music is okay, and what isn't, etc. When, really, if we do what we think is right, it doesn't matter if it's without love anyway! If all of it was in pride for the style rather than simply living the Jesus style... You're out of style!

1. Just be about Jesus

2. Make sure you Love like Jesus

3. Make sure you're always reading the life of Jesus.

4. Make sure you're always praying to Jesus, as He makes intercession for you. That's important!