"I will praise You, O Lord , with my whole heart; I will tell of all Your marvelous works."

Psalm 9:1


The bible gives a clear demand of the Christian, and that is to obey the will of God. In a world filled with a high esteem of self-worth, it's important and crucial to the life of the believer to keep a right perspective of the life Jesus has called us to live. 


In the above passage, the psalmist gives the kind of perspective that we as Christians are supposed to emulate. He states that he will praise the Lord with his whole heart. Not just part of his heart, or half of his heart, but all of his heart. This type of a perspective cannot be obtained through self-worth, as man will automatically default to whatever it is at the time that will please their heart and bring ultimate and most times immediate gratification and satisfaction, all the while sacrificing the perspective that God desires for them to have. A God who in scripture says "I know the thoughts I think toward you" certainly desires that we emulate the life He planned for us to have as His child, set apart from the world and untouched by the sting of sin and death.


"I will tell of all your marvelous works"


 "Why is it that our society today just doesn't seem to get it?" The psalmist says he will tell of all God's marvelous works, meaning anyone he comes into contact with will hear of this God, who gives life to any man who repents and lives according to the will of God. He is a man set apart for the work and will of God, living in a generation that cannot save itself by its own will power because it simply doesn't know the good news of the gospel, unless there is an intervention by God.

There is a reason why as a believer you are called to be the light, and that is because the world around us is living in darkness. This darkness did not come from God, but was brought into the world after man had sinned against God. Throughout the old testament, nations rise and fall and most of what we see today in themes and variations has already happened thousands of years prior. You as a Christian, set apart by the will of God to proclaim the love and message of Jesus Christ, need to shine your light in this world. As long as you know what you must do, you must do it as long as you are here on this earth.