"Jesus Wept."  John 11:35 

"Does anyone know what it's like to lose someone?" 

You might have asked this question at one point in your life. You might be in a place where you feel like no one understands. 

It's common to say God understands what it's like to feel loss. But He was not the only one who witnessed something horrific like the death of His own son.  His son had also witnessed the death of His friend when He was here on earth. 

Rest assured, God sent His son into this world to be able to sympathize with our weaknesses. He lost a good friend, and His friend's name was Lazurus. "Jesus wept" is the shortest verse in the bible and there really are no other words necessary to describe what Jesus felt. He wept. When one weeps, they are overwhelmed with this overflow of sorrow. Even though Jesus could bring Lazurus back to life, it still didn't prevent Jesus from sympathizing with everyone who knew Lazurus like He did. He was human in every way. 

Jesus walked as one of us and lived like one of us, all while perfectly setting the perfect example for us to follow. Since God could not look at sin, Jesus was sent to this world to intercede on our behalf. If you feel like no one understands, talk to God about how you feel. He knows! His son is the mediator and will go to the father on your behalf.