God Is Your Only Option

"Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved."

-Acts 4:12


I can only imagine how it must have been for Moses after receiving the law from The Lord on Mount Sinai, walking back to the people of Israel after fleeing from captivity in Egypt, only to find his right hand man, Aaron, with all of the people of Israel, making a golden calf as their God. He must have said something like: "Really?! Is this a joke?! Yeah, I know, this is a joke on me for taking too long in the mountain. Haha, that was a good one."

Unfortunately, they were serious, and this very thing is not very uncommon up to this very day. When we think God hasn't shown up in our lives and we want answers right away, we go to Social media, other people who we are friends with... let's also not forget Google, which supposedly has the answers to all our problems.

The problem with taking refuge in all these things is the same problem the people of Israel had. They are really good for nothing when it comes to our true meaning and purpose in this life. Mr. Samsung or Ms. Siri couldn't possibly know what it is you were made for, although I will admit that asking Siri what zero divided by zero is, that is hilarious. But, just like the golden calf, it was made by us. We are finite, and The Lord almighty is FOREVER. Learn from your mistakes, the mistakes of others, and reflect on God's promises as a navigator for your journey and walk with Him.

God is for the weak

God is for the weak. 

I am weak. 

You are weak. 

Those who think they are strong have only yet to realize they are weak. 

When you realize this, you're way ahead of most people in the world.

Not believing in God because of the thought of coming off as weak and rather believing in science which is also believing in the unseen is not logical. 

God and science have similarities. They both have proof. 

What makes them different is God is the reason for science. Science only disproves God because it cannot understand nor is willing to look at thousands of years worth of biblical history because scientists have carbon dating, which is only proven by methods of age measurement that cannot be proven to be 100% accurate. Anything that lasts after millions of years is a miracle, judging by the deterioration of our planet as we know it in just the last 200 years. 

Another reason to believe in God. 

It's more logical to believe God created everything in 7 days more so than the earth evolving intelligently on its own over a span of millions of years. 

The earth has a mind of its own? 
Did the earth really give birth to us intelligent human beings?

As if I'm trying to convince you... 

Science is  about what is seen. (Or at least what scientists are willing to look into.)
But it cannot explain the unseen.

Was the conception of planet earth seen?
I think not.

Therefore we have to trust that someone intelligent was behind such a master plan. 
It really isn't logical to think otherwise. 

If you have faith the world was the result of an explosion, then why not believe in God? 

Explosion does not breed order.
God brought everything together, therefore there is order. 

Science also requires faith. Especially to continue to seek life on other planets simply because it's unknown. 

But I'd rather put my faith in God because He created the universe, and that I already know.

This is logical. 

Science did not create the universe.

Science is an explanation.

God is the reason.

God cannot be suppressed and explained away. 
God does not change like science does. 

Science is man's go to for everything. Which is exactly why most cannot believe that the bible is the inspired innerant infallible word of God that hasn't changed since its origin written by God who is the same yesterday today and forever.

Because we are used to everything not lasting forever.

Those who ignore God will indeed not find anything the believer sees. 

You can find anything you want in life.

In science, you make discoveries. 
In relationships, you make bonds.

With God, you will have an encounter. 

But you must actually look for Him.
(Jeremiah 29:13)

Contrary to popular belief, God does not come to you in your unbelief for the same reason a discovery doesn't come to a scientist who doesn't look. 

For the same reason a job doesn't get offered to a person who doesn't put in the effort. 

For the same reason a gal doesn't immediately fall for a guy without time and action. 

For the same reason a man doesn't come to a child as their father if they don't know each other. 

Why is this not logical?

Well... it is. 

Time to take another look. 

Is it really God that doesn't exist? 

Or is it you that didn't take the time to look?

You are only His child if you believe He is who He says He is. 
Then you realize you were created for relationship with Him. 
Then you realize you really need forgiveness because of your unbelief as a result of sin. 

Then you can experience the things of God and become more  like His son, who was in every way pleasing to God. 

Otherwise, what do you expect from someone who doesn't know you?